Illuminate International is a non-profit publishing company focusing on children’s books. We work with a team of storytellers from around the world to help parents teach their kids about other cultures, but it doesn’t stop there. The profits from these books will fund our model for sustainable education in under-resourced schools around the world. 


Our Beginning

Illuminate began as a dream to see global children's books in the hands of parents, beginning a global dialogue in the home. We want to see our one-for-empowerment model inspire kids to become active in contributing to social issues from a young age. 


“Global quality education is not a fairytale, but it starts with a story.”

— JOhn Terranova, Co-FOUNDER


Our Mission

leave no child in the dark. Our innovative model focuses on  providing a global education to kids in need through the sale of our children books.  Partnering with world class artists and authors, we publish stories that begin a global conversation. 



diversity in the publishing marketplace


local communities

Open Eyes

to global cultures


Get Involved

We love connecting with other people that are passionate about global story telling and global education. 

We are also looking for donations to get us started, we'd love to bring you along on our journey!

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